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Quick Clean Chemical Hydraulic Valve (Steam Jacketed)
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Betts Quick Clean Chemical Hydraulic Valve with steam jacket body is classified as an internal self-closing stop valve and is widely used on DOT407 and 412 cargo tanks.  The key features of the Quick Clean are a rapid removal spring housing assembly, a self-contained hydraulic actuator, a smooth tapered seat and a steam jacket body with two ¾” NPT fittings which allows for the valve to be heated for use with temperature sensitive products. The 316-stainless body with an optional Hastelloy® overlay seat and replaceable Teflon™ encapsulated main seal make this a versatile and proven valve that satisfies the many requirements of the chemical transportation industry.

A sacrificial shear section is standard with the Quick Clean Valve and meets the requirements of 49CFR §178.345-8 as tested and verified per TTMA RP84.

Valve must not be subjected to rapid thermal shock which can cause damage to the valve or steam jacket body. Heating or cooling should be gradual and controlled.  Caution should also be used to ensure liquid does not freeze in steam jacket.

See standard Quick Clean Valve page (Section 35 Page 7A) for additional details on actuator.

Valve MAWP: 50 psi [3.4 bar]
Minimum bursting pressure: 200 psi [13.8 bar]
Working temperature range: -40°F to 400°F [-40°C to 204°C]
Maximum steam jacket pressure: 150 psi [10.3 bar]
Hydraulic line pressure: Minimum 1,200 psi [83 bar]
Maximum 3,500 psi [241 bar]
Hydraulic volume to fully open valve: 1.01 in3 [16.6 ml]
Fb-max per TTMA RP 86:    4×3 – 19,300 lbs [8,754 kg]
4×4 – 10,800 lbs [4,899 kg]

  • A solid flat mounting surface must be provided. Recommended mounting pad is MP19752LC.
  • Recommended hydraulic pump is HP46982ALSL and hydraulic distributor is CH16283.

Prop 65 Lead

Betts prides itself in being able to provide products that meet a customer’s specific needs. As a result we do offer modifications to our product standards. While not every request is always feasible, we do our best to meet your specific needs. In many cases this modification is noted by adding a suffix to the end of the standard part number.  The following is a non-inclusive list of common options that are available for this product line .  If the options listed below do not meet your requirements please contact one of Betts’ Customer Service Representatives for further assistance. Please note that some product modifications may result in extended lead times.

CH46870SSTS – 4×3 Special Extended Body
A dimension = 6.16″
B dimension = 4.50″
C dimension = 14.03″
Hydraulic Actuator = 35228SSTS

Prop 65 Lead

For additional information on Betts products and Proposition 65 list please see: https://www.bettsind.com/proposition-65/