Weld Collars and Gaskets – Bolted Style

Weld collars are often sold separately from the manhole. These collars are bolted style and mate with bolted manhole covers with a gasket seal between. Material variations are aluminum, steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. Collars must be fixtured during welding to tank to ensure they remain flat and round.

500 mm ADR Style
6777MS – Steel
6777AE – Aluminum
6777SL – 304 Stainless
6777SS – 316 Stainless

Gaskets are available in various materials.
6783CB – Cork/Buna-N
6783BN – Buna-N
6783VT – FKM (Type-A)
6783VB – FKM (Type-B)

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