Special 4″ Sump Gasket for Internal Hydraulic Valve (TTMA)

The Special 4″ Drain Sump Gasket is used with mounting the Internal Chemical Hydraulic Valve.  The smaller internal diameter (ID) of the gasket fills the gap that would be there if a standard 4″ Sump Gasket is used.  The special gasket mounts between the Internal Valve and the Shear Elbow.  Bolt-hole pattern is in accordance with TTMA recommended practice. The reduced cross section design optimizes functional sealing and focus flange load in the sealing inner parameter.

Product Details

Part No.Material DescriptionThicknessTemp. RangeI.D.O.D.B.C.# of HolesHole Dia.
G27229TDReduced Surface Area PTFE w/ Inorganic Fillers (One piece solid gasket).063"
[1.6 mm]
-350 to 520°F
(-212 to 271°C)
[114 mm]
[209.6 mm]
[184.2 mm]
[14.2 mm]
Notes: To achieve maximum sealing capability, proper star pattern tightening sequence must be followed. PTFE gaskets require re-torque after initial installation. Flange surfaces must be flat and free of scratches, damage or corrosion.