Repair Kits Wet-R-Dri Valve

Wet-R-Dri Valve Repair Kits are size and material specific.  See material chart to specify required material.  It is critical to specify a sealing material that is compatible with product being hauled.

Valve Repair Kits consist of:
1  Disc
2  O-rings (Drive Shaft)
1  O-ring (Bearing Shaft)
2  Drive Lock Pins
2  Flange Gaskets (See note below)

Please Note: Flange gaskets provided with Repair Kits are Cork/Buna-N for ALL kits except for the “VF” kits which include PTFE flange gaskets.  Alternate material flange gaskets must be ordered separately.  See Section 40 Page 1B of Parts List.

WD18400SL, Detent Repair Kit, consists of:
1  Detent Ball (9Z4856)
1  Detent Spring (15229SL)
1  Retaining Screw (9Q5838)

Product Details

Seal Repair Kit NumberSizeDetent Repair Kit
WD18402_ _*2"WD18400SL*
WD18403_ _*3"WD18400SL*
WD18404_ _*4"WD18400SL*
WD18405_ _*5"WD18400SL*
WD18406_ _*6"WD18400SL*
WD18408_ _*8"WD18400SL*
* Replace asterisk in part number to designate disc coating.

Example Assembly


(4″ Wet-R-Dri Aluminum + White FDA Nitrile)
Seal MaterialsTemperature Range
B = Black Nitrile (Buna-N)-40°F to +240°F (-40°C to +116°C)
WB = White FDA Nitrile (Buna-N)-40°F to +240°F (-40°C to +116°C)
OP = White FDA Nitrile with SS Insert-40°F to +240°F (-40°C to +116°C)
VB = FKM (Viton™ B) Type B+9°F to +400°F (-13°C to +204°C)
VF = FKM GFLT-S-11°F to +400°F (-24°C to +204°C)
V= FKM (Viton™ A) Type A-0°F to +400°F (-17°C to +204°C)
U = Black Urethane-40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C)
E = Black EPDM-50°F to +250°F (-45°C to +121°C)
WE = White EPDM-50°F to +250°F (-45°C to +121°C)
Not all materials are available for every size. Actual temperature values may vary due to service conditions.


Additional Options

Betts prides itself in being able to provide products that meet a customer’s specific needs. As a result, we do offer modifications to our product standards. While not every request is always feasible, we do our best to meet your specific needs. In many cases, this modification is noted by adding a suffix to the end of the standard part number. The following is a non-inclusive list of common options that are available for this product line. If the options listed below do not meet your requirements please contact one of Betts’ Customer Service Representatives for further assistance. Please note that some product modifications may result in extended lead times.