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123456 This is a test page. The Betts Defender™ Package is designed to make it easy to group together components for your chemical and bulk liquid transport needs. By using a Defender package you receive the best value as well as a limited three year warranty.


8310 Manhole – The Betts Full Opening Manholes are offered in a variety of styles and sizes.  Full 20 inch opening assures safe entrance for inspection or cleaning of tank. Extra heavy hinge pins and threaded swing bolts provide longer life and less maintenance

Guardian Pressure and Vacuum Valves – Offered in both 3″ and 4″ sizes, the Betts’ Guardian™ vent is a spring-loaded reclosing pressure/vacuum relief device/valve for use on a cargo tank’s primary pressure relief system.

Chemical Hydraulic Valves – Betts Chemical Hydraulic Valves are available as external self-closing stop valve or internal self-closing stop valve.  They are widely used on DOT407 and 412 cargo tanks. Theses robust and proven valves satisfy the many requirements of the chemical transportation industry.

Vapor-Pro™ 2″ Stainless Steel Hydraulic Vapor Recovery Valve – The Betts 2” Stainless Steel Hydraulic Vapor Recovery Valve is a versatile and robust positive opening vapor valve used to facilitate the transfer of displaced air/vapor during loading and unloading.

Hydrolet Valve – The Betts Quick Release Bonnet (QRB) hydrolet valve is designed to be used for a manual external loading/unloading stop valve. Typical use is a secondary stop valve working in conjunction with a primary self-closing stop valve.

Hydraulic Pump – The Betts Hydraulic Pump HP46982ALSL is designed as a corrosion resistant, reliable hydraulic pump for use with any Betts hydraulically operated valve or vent.