Pressure Gauge (1.625”)

This 0-160 psi vibration resistant pressure gauge is a 1/8” NPT center-back pressure gauge.  The gauge comes standard with a panel mount connection for a 1-5/8” hole.  The liquid filled dial reduces needle flutter for precise reading in high vibration applications.  The dial is a dual scale dial for both psi and bar. The gauge case is constructed of 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.  The gauge should be mounted with the dial upright.

 Graduation Marks: 5 psi (.2 bar)
Numeric Increments: 20 psi (2 bar)
Temperature Range: -40 to +160°F (-40 to +71°C)

Product Details

Part NumberDescription
9Z97400-160 psi (0-11 bar) Pressure Gauge