One-Sixteen Pressure/Vacuum Vent

The One-Sixteen Pressure/Vacuum Vent is a low profile in-breathing/out-breathing vent designed to be mounted on the interior of the tank.  Typical installation is in the 10″ fill lid for model 8010, 8016 or 8020 designated with an “SVS” prefix.  This vent has metal-to-metal seats and therefore, is NOT leak tight.  It cannot be used on DOT specification tanks that require vapor tight vents.  The vent is constructed of 316 stainless steel and includes 16 stainless steel balls that restrict leakage of product in the event of a roll-over.

Part Number: 6022SS

In-breathing (vacuum) air capacity – 2,775 scfh @ 1 psig.
Out-breathing (pressure) air capacity – 2,960 scfh @ 3 psig.

Mounting threads are 1.625-12 UN.

The 6022 is a pressed together vent and does not have serviceable or replaceable components.