Mechanical Delta 1 Compact Operator (No Grease Fitting In Shaft – 2 Compartments)

Betts Compact Mechanical Operators function cable operated emergency valves from a central location on a cargo tank. Provision is made for mounting 3-way air valve (part no. 20761) on side of operator. Air valve is actuated when any compartment is opened, thereby assuring that air vents are energized when any emergency valve is opened. Air valve is not included. Add suffix “003” to include air valve. Available from 1 up to 5 compartments in stainless or powder coated steel; each compartment is supplied with a fusible link designed to melt at not more than 250°F as well as non-slip cable connectors that allow cable to be cut to length after installation.

New design is more compact than comparable Universal or Deluxe models. Slotted mounting straps are available as an option to allow for replacement of Deluxe operators without drilling new mounting holes. Specify straps by adding suffix “001” to assembly number. Other mounting options available by contacting sales.

Lever arms provide 2-3/8” stroke and 5.6:1 mechanical advantage.  Two trip levers provided for flexibility in locating cable remote control or for attaching two remotes, if required. See Section 29, Page 1A for cable remote control.

    • Automatically Energizes Air Vents
    • Compact Design
    • Stainless or Powder Coated Steel
    • 2-3/8” Stroke
    • Solid Handles
    • Non-Lubricated Stainless Shaft

Parts List

Product Details

Part No.MaterialWeight (lb)Dim. A (in.)Dim. B (in.)Dim. C (in.)Dim. D (in.)Dim. E (in.)
OP9112EYSteel Powder Coated12.24.201.41N/A0.592.60


Engineering Bulletins

EB-2-03: Cable Emergency Valve System Schematic