Manually Operated Ecliptic Valve

The Betts Ecliptic Valve is a manual quarter turn in-line stop valve. The wetted components of the valve are constructed of 316L stainless steel and the seals are PTFE encapsulated silicone for compatibility with a wide variety of products.

The handle includes a locking lever to positively hold the valve disc in the closed or fully open position.

Bolt pattern matches TTMA piping flange dimensions.

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly No.DescriptionShaft SealMain Disc SealWeightMaximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)
EC46491SSTSManual ActuationTef-SilTef-Sil8.9 lbs [4.1 kg]100 psi [6.8 bar]
EC46491SSTSVTManual ActuationFKM-ATef-Sil8.9 lbs [4.1 kg]100 psi [6.8 bar]
EC46491SSTSKAManual ActuationFFKMTef-Sil8.9 lbs [4.1 kg]100 psi [6.8 bar]

Installation & Maintenance

The Ecliptic Valve may be mounted in any position. It is recommended to use Betts flanges and adapters shown in Section 20, Page 5A.