Inbreathing Vacuum Vent (1.25″ IPS Threads)

S.P. INBREATHING 11/4 I.P.S. – Intake Vent is designed to be used with Exhaust Vent or for additional venting requirements. High capacity, ease of cleaning, few parts are outstanding features. Vents are installed inside manhole cover and protected by means of a weatherhood. This vent has been flow tested and marked in accordance with Nat. Fire Protection Assn. No. 385 (1964) Par. 2263 and No. 407 (1964) Par. 616.

Product Details

Thru AreaCapacity at 1 PSIG
Inbreathing0.44 sq. in.1750 cu. ft. hr.
Assembly No.Body MaterialOverturn Disc & SpringDiscThread Size-Right HandAWt.
3010-ALVAluminumStnls. 316Viton 1 1/4 I.P.S.2 13/163.0 oz.
3010-SSVStnls. 316Stnls. 316Viton 1 1/4 I.P.S.2 13/167.7 oz.