Guardian Pressure/Vacuum Valve, TTMA Flanged Connection

The Betts’ GuardianTM combination valve is a spring loaded reclosing pressure and vacuum relief device for use on a cargo tank’s primary pressure relief and vacuum relief systems. The combination relief valve is designed, tested and marked in accordance with 49CFR §178.345-10, 49CFR §178.347-4 and 49CFR §178.348-4.

  • Compact, optimized flow design.
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction.
  • Teflon seals and wear components.
  • Safety Stop Screw to help prevent accidental unthreading of housing.
  • Seal tabs on shroud for security measures.
  • Simple In-Place Maintenance.
  • Available ECTFE (Halar®) coated.
  • Multiple sizes and mounting options.
  • Multiple seal options.
  • Vibration damping vacuum vent.
  • 4″ TTMA flange connection has eight 3/8-16 UNC X .65 deep blind holes.

Parts List

Product Details

Part NumberSize and ConnectionWeight lbs. [kg]
RVC4F*-**4" TTMA FLG.18.2 [8.3]
- An Example of a part number would be RVP3AT-25. This would have PTFE seals and be used on a 25 MAWP tank.
- Part numbers with ECTFE (Halar®) coating as follows: RVPL3A*-**. "L" indicates ECTFE coated.
- Values shown are test values. Actual results may vary due to service conditions.
* Seal Material CodeMaterialTemp. Range
TPTFE-40°F to +400°F [-40°C to +204°C]
FFluorosilicone-50°F to +350°F [-45°C to +176°C]
KKalrez-20°F to +400°F [-28°C to +204°C]
VBFKM BLT-15°F to +400°F [-26°C to +204°C]
**MAWPSizeSet Pressure (PSIG)Pressure FlowWater Flow Rates (GPM)Set Vacuum (PSIG)Vacuum Flow
254"30365,828 SCFH @ 40 PSIG1000 @ 40 psi1.512,500 SCFH @ 3.0 PSIG
254"30421,629 SCFH @ 45 PSIG1100 @ 45 psi1.512,500 SCFH @ 3.0 PSIG
304"36421,629 SCFH @ 45 PSIG1100 @ 45 psi1.512,500 SCFH @ 3.0 PSIG
354"42482,967 SCFH @ 52.5 PSIG1150 @ 52.5 psi1.512,500 SCFH @ 3.0 PSIG
** Designates Tank MAWP

Seal Kits & Accessories

Seal Kit part number: SK-RVCT*

*Mounting gasket not included in seal kit

Spanner wrench part number: 75825EY

Dis-assembly wrench number : 75819ZC