Load/Unload Control Panel – Push/Pull with Master Control and Indicator

The Betts’ load/unload panel is typically installed on tank trucks with an air manifold and air manifold control panels and is mounted close to the API valves.  The load/unload panel is used to facilitate bottom loading or gravity unloading via the API adapters when use of the air manifold and pump discharge system is not necessary.  The system can be plumbed so all compartment sequential vapor valves and all compartment outlet valves (emergency valves) open when the master control valve is pulled.  When plumbed appropriately the indicator wink displays green to indicate all the sequential vapor valves are open and air has been supplied to the emergency valves.

The valve blocks and panel are lightweight anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance and performance.

A detailed plumbing schematic is available upon request.

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly NumberStyle/DescriptionWeightMax Air PressureTemp. Range **O-ring Material
AP22LU-AABNLoad/Unload Control Panel with Master Control and Indicator.1.4 lbs [.64 kg]150 psi [10.3 bar]-40°F to +160°F
[-40°C to +71°C]
Nitrile (Buna-N)
** Values shown are test results and actual results may vary due to service conditions. Water vapor or condensation in air lines will affect performance. If airline conditioner/antifreeze is used, it must be compatible with O-ring material.