Emergency/Remote Shutdown Air Valve

The Betts’ Emergency/Remote Shutdown Air Valve is a robust two position push/pull control valve.  When plumbed and mounted correctly, it fulfills the requirements of a remotely actuated means of closure per US DOT 49CFR§178.345-11(b)(1)(i) and (iii) and CSA B620-20 clause, (c), (e) and (f).  The Emergency/Remote Shutdown is mounted on the end of the cargo tank farthest away from the loading/unloading outlet with normal operation of the valve in the pulled-out position and initiates shutdown function when the knob is pushed in.  Please note, the Emergency/Remote Shutdown Valve does not provide provision for thermal activation and if required, fusible plugs should be installed in-line as needed.

The valve block is lightweight anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance and performance.  The valve includes a detent retention feature for positive click-in feel during operation.  All ports are ¼” NPT for optimal air flow.  The valve can be mounted via the through holes in the valve body or through a Ø.81” hole in a panel and secured with the ¾“ hex nut (included).

Simplified plumbing schematics are provided below for the two most common methods of operation.  A detailed plumbing schematic is available upon request.  Verify proper shutdown function once valve is installed and test weekly during active service.   See section 31 page 2B for parts list.

Parts List

Plumbing Schematic

Product Details

Assembly NumberDescriptionWeightMax Air PressureTemp. Range **O-ring Material
ES22PP-AABNEmergency/Remote Shutdown
Air Valve (Push/Pull)
.67 lbs
[.31 kg]
150 psi [10.3 bar]-40°F to +160°F
[-40°C to +71°C]
Nitrile (Buna-N)
** Values shown are test results and actual results may vary due to service conditions. Water vapor or condensation in air lines will affect performance. If airline conditioner/antifreeze is used, it must be compatible with O-ring material.