Discontinued 4″ Supplemental Pressure Relief Device

Obsolete Replaced with New Style Vent
Betts 4″ surge pressure relief valve (PRV) satisfies primary and supplemental pressure relief for specification US DOT406 and TC406 cargo tanks. The PRV meets the dynamic pressure surge requirements of 49CFR§178.345-10(b)(3)(ii) with less than one liter leakage as tested per TTMA RP No. 81. Set pressure is designed for use on a cargo tank with a 3.3 MAWP.

Obsolete Part Number: 8397SSTS
Set Pressure: 3.63 to 4.55 psig
Flow Rate: 173,156 scfh @ 6.25 psig

Material: 316 Stainless Steel with PTFE encapsulated seals.
Mounting: Flange mount 8 holes, .44″ dia, on 5.88 dia. B/C.