Dip Tube Guide and Cap Assembly

The Betts Dip Tube Cap Assembly incorporates a pressure relief cap that allows the user to manually relieve pressure in the tube before removing the cap. The Dip Guide Tube is fitted with fire screen (30 x 30 mesh) and screen guard that runs the entire length of the tube which allows for accurate measurement of the liquid in the tank. When the cap is removed a ∅1.38″ (35 mm) hole allows for a measuring stick to be inserted into the tank (measuring stick not included). Conductive gaskets are supplied for mounting. Cap assembly and dip guide tube are aluminum and internal O-rings come standard as fluorosilicone.

Product Details

Please note: The Dip Tube Cap Assembly with in-line screen cannot be used with dipstick unless the screen is removed prior to installation of cap assembly.

DT28765ALFS – Dip Tube Cap Assembly with In-line Screen

28675AL – Dip Guide Tube Assembly 80.57″ (2,046 mm) Bottom to flange to tube end plate.
28675AL001 – Dip Guide Tube Assembly 71.75″ (1,822 mm) Bottom to flange to tube end plate.