Defender™ Package

The Betts Defender Package is designed to make it easy to group together components for your chemical and bulk liquid transport needs.  By using a Defender package you receive the best value as well as a limited three year warranty.

Follow these steps to find available kits:

  1. Use the part number matrix to establish a kit number that includes all of your desired items.
  2. Enter the kit number into the search box on the Betts webpage.
  3. If the kit number is valid, a product page will be displayed listing the included items.
  4. If the kit number you are looking for does not provide a valid search result, the part number will need to be established. Please contact Betts Customer Service for details.

*  If our single number approach does not fit your ordering needs, please contact a Betts expert for individual part ordering options.
** Gaskets, Elbows and Mounting Pads sold separately.

Product Details