ASME Replacement Swing-bolt / Wing-nut Assemblies

Betts offers a variety of ASME swing-bolts for the Full Opening Manhole product line. All ASME swing-bolts are a solid one-piece design made from 17-4 PH stainless steel with 5/8-11 UNC threads. Wing-nuts are 304 stainless steel.

Wing-nut includes a staked-on bearing washer for decreased wear and a retention e-clip is included on top of swing-bolt to keep the wing-nut from accidentally unthreading off of the swing-bolt while opening manhole. Assemblies ending in “002” include swing-bolt pin (4463SL) and 1/8” coil pin (9Q8605). Please note: older style swing-bolts have a larger coil pin hole diameter; therefore, specify the “002” kit to ensure the necessary replacement components are received.

Swing-bolt / wing-nut assemblies will last longer if properly maintained. Keep threads clean and lubricated with anti-seize compound, and never hit wing-nuts with a hammer.  Use proper wing-nut tools 6443SS or 6469SL with a maximum torque of 45 ft-lbs.

The sealed wing-nut option offers a solid top-plate to protect the threads from water or debris and also includes a grease fitting for preventive maintenance.

Product Details

Part #DescriptionLengthReplaces
4481SL002ASME Swing-bolt 4459SL / Wing-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin3.25″4102SF and 4184SF
4487SL002ASME Swing-bolt 4459SL / Sealed Wing-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin3.25″4102SF and 4147SF
4482SL002 ASME Swing-bolt 4480SL / Wing-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin3.81″n/a
4483SL002ASME Swing-bolt 4472SL / Wing-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin4.5″4119SL and 4165SF
4486SL002ASME Swing-bolt 4472SL / Hex-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin4.5″3615SF and 4119SL
4484SL002ASME Swing-bolt 4473SL / Wing-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin5.13″4143SL
4485SL002ASME Swing-bolt 4473SL / Special Wing-nut Assembly w/ Pin and Coil Pin (For 8171 Manholes)5.13″4120SL and 4147SF

Engineering Bulletins

EB-07-03: Maintenance and Use of Betts Full Opening Pressure Manhole.