6″ × 4″ Tapered Seat Aluminum Tee – External Air

  • Air Operated
  • Stainless Trim
  • Teflon Encapsulated Seals

Betts High Flow Emergency valves provide increased flow rates compared to 4” emergency valves. Valves feature Teflon encapsulated seals for compatibility with a wide range of products and a special lift mechanism for smooth operation. Body is constructed of aluminum with stainless steel trim. Shear section tested per TTMA RP84 and meets 49CFR178.345-8.

Air operated valves are provided with an external air cylinder to help prevent gasoline or other products from contaminating the air supply. The air cylinder is hard-coated aluminum with a polished stainless steel shaft. Cylinders have 1/8” NPT port for air connection and are supplied with a fusible plug installed.

Available in Long-Radius and Short-Radius elbows. Use the Long-Radius for maximum flow or use the Short-Radius where clearance for piping is restricted.

Left-hand valves are available with air cylinder or cable lever arm on opposite side of valve as shown at right. Add suffix –005 for left-hand option. Add suffix –004 for optional screen.

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly NumberDescriptionInlet Flange (6" Sump)OutletsDimensionsWeightFb-MAX Per TTMA RP86
EV46485ALTSTee - Air Operated - 4" Grooved Outlets B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
12 Holes: .563" Dia. [14.3mm]
4" Grooved
O.D. 4.5" [114.3 mm]
A: 9.75"
B: 8.13"
20.8 lbs13,800lbs. [6,260kg.]
EV46486ALTSTee - Air Operated - 4.5" Grooved Outlets B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
12 Holes: .563" Dia. [14.3mm]
4.5" Grooved
O.D. 5.0" [127 mm]
A: 9.75"
B: 8.13"
20.8 lbs13,800lbs. [6,260kg.]
EV46484ALTSTee - Air Operated - 4" Flanged Outlets B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
12 Holes: .563" Dia. [14.3mm]
4" TTMA Flanged
B.C.: 5.88" [149mm]
8 Holes: .438" Dia. [11.1mm]
A: 9.75"
B: 6.75"
20.8 lbs13,800lbs. [6,260kg.]

Repair Kits and Accessories

Replacement Air Actuator (Cylinder)

Engineering Bulletins

EB-01-12: Water Flow Rates of Betts Emergency Valves

EB3-00: MAWP and Bursting Pressure Ratings for Betts Valves

EB1-03: Air Emergency Valve System