6″ x 6″ Black Epoxy Coated 90 Degree Elbow – Manual

Betts 6” emergency valve meets HM183 requirements for an internal self-closing stop valve. Body is constructed of aluminum and incorporates a shear section that satisfies 49CFR178.345-8 tested per TTMA RP 84. The body, disc holder, and bonnet assembly come standard with a black epoxy-coat for added corrosion protection. The valve is available in a flanged or grooved outlet with available body configurations of straight, 90° elbow, or tee style. Valves supplied with universal lever arm with multiple mounting holes for versatile cable attachment. See catalog section 28 and 29 for mechanical operators and remote control lever.

The Maximum Operating Pressure is defined as the maximum tank pressure that valve can open against using a typical mechanical operator.

Maximum Operating Pressureŧ: 12 psi [.83 bar]
Valve MAWP: 25 psi [1.7 bar]
Minimum Bursting Pressure: 100 psi [6.9 bar]

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly No.Inlet Flange (6" Sump)OutletDimensionsWeightFb-MAX Per TTMA RP86
EV47059AY*B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
Holes: 12 Holes .59" Dia. [15mm]
6" GROOVEDA: 7.69" [195.3mm]
B: 8.95" [227.3mm]
17.3lbs. [7.82kg]27,041lbs. [12,265kg.]
EV47060AY*B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
Holes: 12 Holes .59" Dia. [15mm]
6" TTMA Flanged
B.C.: 8.13" [206.4mm]
Holes: 12 Holes 7/16" Dia. [11.1mm]
A: 7.69" [195.3mm]
B: 7.51" [190.8mm]
17.3lbs. [7.82kg]27,041lbs. [12,265kg.]
* Last letters of part number designate seal material. See material table below for seal options

ŧ All valves are test values. Actual values may vary due to service conditions.

CAUTION: Valve must be properly installed and maintained. Never bottom load through emergency valve without first opening valve. Failure to do so may result in damage to the tank and/or valve.

LetterMaterialTemp. Range
BNNitrile-40°F to +220°F [-40°C to 104°C]
VTFKM-20°F to +400°F [-29°C to 204°C]
TSFEP (fluoropolymer) Encapsulated Silicone-40°F to +400°F [-40°C to 204°C]

Engineering Bulletins

EB-01-12: Water Flow Rates of Betts Emergency Valves

3-00: MAWP and Bursting Pressure Ratings for Betts Valves