6″ 316L SS – Drain Sumps with Welded Studs

The Betts drain sumps are designed for complete drainage and optimized flow and offer a solid, lightweight mounting for all style and makes of valves. The bolt pattern is in accordance with TTMA recommended practices and the sumps are available in several different styles and materials. Aluminum and steel sumps come standard with zinc-plated steel studs and stainless sumps come standard with 316 stainless studs. The drain sumps have a 35 psi [2.4 bar] MAWP and the minimum bursting pressure is rated at 140 psi [9.7 bar]. Contact Betts’ Sales Department for available options such as 4” deep dish and 4” contoured sump.

Product Details

Part NumberMaterialWeight lb. [kg]Dims. in. [mm]# of Studs
SU25505SS316L SS - SA2406.5 lbs. [2.9 kg]T: .19 [5]
D: 1.75 [44]
O.D.: 12.75 [324]
I.D.: 8.19 [208]
B.C.: 9.25 [235]
Welded Studs: Studs are permanently welded and cannot be replaced.


Additional Options

Betts prides itself in being able to provide products that meet a customer’s specific needs. As a result we do offer modifications to our product standards. While not every request is always feasible, we do our best to meet your specific needs. In many cases this modification is noted by adding a suffix to the end of the standard part number. The following is a non-inclusive list of common options that are available for this product line . If the options listed below do not meet your requirements please contact one of Betts’ Customer Service Representatives for further assistance. Please note that some product modifications may result in extended lead times.

Commonly Requested Options:

Suffix “003” – Standard sump with stainless studs and nuts.
Suffix “010” – Sump without the nuts included.
P/N SU35792 – Deep Dish Sump. 3.31″ Deep. Available in either aluminum (SU35792AL) or stainless (SU35792SL) Image SU35792AL
P/N SU35727AL – Contoured sump available in aluminum. Image SU35427AL

Installation & Maintenance

The following is a list of available maintenance and installation manuals, technical and engineering bulletins, and specification sheets for this product line. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact one of Betts’ Customer Service Representatives for further assistance.

None currently listed.