6″ x 6″ Black Epoxy Coated Straight – Flanged or Grooved Outlet – External Air

Betts 6” emergency valve meets HM183 requirements for an internal self-closing stop valve. Body is constructed of aluminum and incorporates a shear section that satisfies 49CFR178.345-8 tested per TTMA RP 84. The body, disc holder, and bonnet assembly come standard with a black epoxy-coat for added corrosion protection. The valve is available in a flanged or grooved outlet with available body configurations of straight, 90° elbow, or tee style. Valves are supplied with an external air cylinder with 1/8” NPT port for air connection and a fusible plug installed to dump air pressure if temperatures exceed 212°F.ŧŧ

The Maximum Operating Pressure is defined as the maximum tank pressure that valve can open against with 90 PSIG tank air pressure.

Maximum Operating Pressureŧ: 12 psi [.83 bar]
Valve MAWP: 25 psi [1.7 bar]
Minimum Bursting Pressure: 100 psi [6.9 bar]

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly No.Inlet Flange (6" Sump)OutletDimensionsWeightFb-MAX Per TTMA RP86
EV47057AY*B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
Holes: 12 Holes .59" Dia. [15mm]
A: 9.38" [238.3mm]
B: N.A.
16.9lbs. [7.67kg]21,690lbs. [9,838kg.]
EV47058AY*B.C.: 9.25" [235mm]"
Holes: 12 Holes .59" Dia. [15mm]
6" TTMA Flanged
B.C.: 8.13" [206.4mm]
Holes: 12 Holes 7/16" Dia. [11.1mm]
A: 7.94" [201.7mm]
B: N.A.
16.9lbs. [7.67kg]21,690lbs. [9,838kg.]
* Last letters of part number designate seal material. See material table below for seal options

ŧ All valves are test values. Actual values may vary due to service conditions.

ŧŧ Temperature Rating: Fusible plug melts at +212°F [100°C]. Valve working temp. is dependent on seal material. See table below.

CAUTION: Valve must be properly installed and maintained. Never bottom load through emergency valve without first opening valve. Failure to do so may result in damage to the tank and/or valve.

LetterMaterialTemp. Range
BNNitrile-40°F to +220°F [-40°C to 104°C]
VTFKM-20°F to +400°F [-29°C to 204°C]
TSFEP (fluoropolymer) Encapsulated Silicone-40°F to +400°F [-40°C to 204°C]

Repair Kits and Accessories

Replacement Air Actuator (Cylinder)

Engineering Bulletins

EB-01-12: Water Flow Rates of Betts Emergency Valves

EB3-00: MAWP and Bursting Pressure Ratings for Betts Valves

EB1-03: Air Emergency Valve System