5″ Push Style Vapor Recovery Valve/Push Vent

The 5″ push style vapor recovery valve does NOT meet the less-than-a-liter leakage requirements of 49CFR§178.345-10(b)(3)(ii) and therefore cannot be used as a pressure relief device on DOT 406, 407, or 412 cargo tanks.  This device is intended to be used as a vapor recovery valve.

The Betts 5″ push-style vapor recovery valve provides positive venting for bottom loading or unloading a cargo tank.  The vapor recovery valve mounts to a standard 4″ sump and must be located directly above the emergency valve and in an area protected by the tank’s rollover damage protection device (overturn rails).  The vapor recovery valve is mechanically actuated via a push rod extending from the top of the emergency valve.

The vapor recovery valve should have an emission collection hood securely mounted to the vapor valve flange.  The outlet of the hood should be connected to the vapor collection system of the cargo tank to ensure a closed loop system that contains all vapors.  See section 24 page 1A for emission collection hoods.

The vapor recovery valve is constructed of aluminum with stainless steel trim.

Note: Adapter to fit wheaton emergency valve with .5 x 20 UNC thread is p/n 16963AL.

Part List

Product Details

Assembly NumberMaterialDimensionsMounting FlangeAdapter Hole SizeWt.
PV46186ALTSAluminum/Stainless with Tef/Sil SEATA: 6 1/8
B: 2 1/16
C: 8
D: 1 1/2
E: 60
O.D.: 10
B.C.: 7 1/4
N.H.: 8
S.H.: 9/16
1- Push Rod with Adjusting End
1 - Adapter to fit emergency valve

  • Vent mounts to standard 4" size sumps. See Section 24, Page 1A of the Parts List.

  • Mounting flange is designed for installing Emission Collection Hoods shown in Section 24, Page 1A of Parts List.


Repair Kits and Accessories

Emission Collection Hood

Engineering Bulletins

EB-2-03: Cable Emergency Valve System Schematic.