47 Series 4″ Stop/Turn/Tail LED Lite Ranger™ with Flat Lens

The 47 Series Assemblies include a Lite Ranger™ LED Lamp Insert installed in a 47 Series housing.  The housing is made from high-strength reinforced PBT engineered thermoplastic that provides impact and UV resistance.  The exclusive Snap Seal™ O-ring locks out moisture to prevent corrosion while providing convenient access to the inside of the housing.  The spacious 47 Series housing can also function as a junction box for wiring and plug connections.  The Lite Ranger™ LED Lamp Assembly is a robust, fully sealed unit made from impact resistant polycarbonate plastic.

  • Designed to meet FMVSS 108 requirements (49CFR§571.108)
  • SAE DOT Lighting Code: IP2STR
  • Supports System Voltages of 12Vdc and 24Vdc
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Surface mount with four flange screws or rivets
  • Gray PBT housing standard (black is available)
  • Pigtail with multiple connector options or blunt cut cable connections
  • Covered by Betts’ 5-Year Limited Warranty

Other options such as 40 series, 45 series and grommet mount styles are available.

Parts List

Product Details

Part NumberDescriptionLED Insert
Part Number
Housing Hole
Additional DetailsPower
472017Turn – Amber flat lens
with no optics, 44 LED's, 12V/24V
47-Series Gray Housing
TA4FHM2ENo holesNo additional details-2.4 W-200 mA @ 12V

100 mA @ 24V
472020Stop/Turn/Tail – Red flat lens
with no optics, 45 LED's, 12V/24V
47-Series Gray Housing
SR4FH453ENo holesNo additional details.36 W @ 12V

.72 W @ 24V
3.84 W @ 12V

7.20 W @ 24V
30 mA @
12V and 24V
300 mA @
12V and 24V
473020Stop/Turn/Tail – Red flat lens
with optics, single LED, 12V/24V
47-Series Gray Housing
SR4XHS3ENo holesNo additional details0.1 W1.5 W8 mA124 mA @ 12V

62 mA @ 24V
477014Sequential Arrow – Amber flat lens
with no optics, 36 LED's, 12V/24V
47-Series Gray Housing
AA4FHA2ENo holesNo additional details-2.7/5.4 W-224 mA @
12V and 24V