47 Series 4″ Stop/Turn/Tail LED Lite Ranger™ with Deep Lens

The 47 Series Assemblies include a Lite Ranger™ LED Lamp Insert installed in a 47 Series housing.  The housing is made from high-strength reinforced PBT engineered thermoplastic that provides impact and UV resistance.  The exclusive Snap Seal™ O-ring locks out moisture to prevent corrosion while providing convenient access to the inside of the housing.  The spacious 47 Series housing can also function as a junction box for wiring and plug connections.  The Lite Ranger™ LED Lamp Assembly is a robust, fully sealed unit made from impact resistant polycarbonate plastic.

  • Designed to meet FMVSS 108 requirements (49CFR§571.108)
  • SAE DOT Lighting Code: IP2STR
  • Supports System Voltages of 12Vdc and 24Vdc
  • Surface mount with four flange screws or rivets
  • Gray PBT housing standard (black is available)
  • Pigtail with multiple connector options or blunt cut cable connections
  • Covered by Betts’ 5-Year Limited Warranty

Other options such as 40 series, 45 series and grommet mount styles are available.

Parts List

Product Details

Part NumberDescriptionLED Insert Part NumberHousing Hole DetailAdditional DetailsPower ConsumptionCurrent @12VdcCurrent @24Vdc
472019Turn – Amber deep lens with no optics, 44 LED's, 12V/24V, 47-Series Housing GrayAA4DHM3ENo holesNo additional details-2.4 Watts-200 mA-100 mA
472021Stop/Turn/Tail – Red deep lens with no optics, 44 LED's, 12V/24V, 47-Series Housing GraySR4DHM3ENo holesNo additional details.12 Watts2.4 Watts10 mA200 mA5 mA100 mA
473022Stop/Turn/Tail/License – Red deep lens with optics, single LED w/ license lamp, 12V/24V, 47-Series Housing Gray710025No holesNo additional details1.7 Watts3.4 Watts135 mA268 mA67 mA134 mA