406 Trident Combination Vent

The Trident provides three-way venting plus overturn protection. It is designed to provide the pressure-actuated emergency venting plus inbreathing (vacuum) and outbreathing (pressure). The Trident can be disassembled for cleaning. The pressure-actuated emergency venting has been flow tested and marked in accordance with D.O.T. requirements.

Inbreathing vent cracking pressure = .25 to .375 psig. Capacity = 1,750 SCFH @ 1 psig.

Outbreathing Vent cracking pressure = 1.0 to 1.5 psig. Capacity 2,920 SCFH @ 3 psig.

Emergency Vent cracking pressure = 3.63 to 4.55 psig. Capacity 12,500 SCFH @ 6.25 psig.

Note: To provide a proper load on disc, spring should be loaded to a length of 2.20 inches.

Product Details

Part No.Vent AssemblyBodySeatWt.
6822ALBAluminum with StainlessAluminumBuna-N2.0
6822SSBStainless 316StainlessBuna-N4.5