4″ Rear Head Valve – Straight Stub Outlet with Trough

The Betts’ Rear Head Valve is a manual external stop valve designed to handle the challenges of hot product transportation. The valve body is welded directly into the bottom of the tank at the rear head which allows the seat and surrounding area to be fully heated by the elevated temperature of the product.  The valve includes a trough which provides a drainage pocket in the tank to locate the internal piping inlet for the side discharge/front pump-off valve.

Valve MAWP: 10 psig [.69 bar]
Minimum bursting pressure: 100 psig [6.9 bar]
Max. Temp. of Aluminum Valve: +400°F [204°C]
Max. Temp. of Steel Valve: +500°F [260°C]

The Rear Head Valve’s outward opening disc and unobstructed flow path is ideal for heavy, viscous, temperature-sensitive commodities. The stem and stem nut utilize ACME threads and a grease fitting for exceptional service life. The external packing gland allows for easy adjustment of the packing to ensure proper sealing. A caution label explaining the packing gland adjustment is included with the valve and should be located close to the valve in a conspicuous area of the tank. Steam jacket models are available and an optional piercing lance can be specified to aid flow by breaking away semi-solidified product heels.


Parts List

Product Details

Part Number
Valve Size and TypeOutlet ConfigurationOutlet AngleBody MaterialDisc Seal Material *WeightShear Section
RH4TXST-ALA4" Rear Head
with Trough
StubStraightAluminumNon-Asbestos (laminated)28 lbs. [12.7 kg]Yes
RH4TXST-ALV4" Rear Head
with Trough
StubStraightAluminumFKM (Type A)28 lbs. [12.7 kg]Yes
RH4TXST-ALA0054" Rear Head with Trough.
With Outlet 9" from centerline.
StubStraightAluminumNon-Asbestos (laminated)Yes
RH4TXST-MSA4" Rear Head
with Trough
StubStraightSteelNon-Asbestos (laminated)42 lbs. [19.1 kg]No
NOTE: Valves as listed above are standard with Non-Asbestos w/graphite packing and Non-Asbestos tophead gasket. * The Disc Seal material can be designated by the last letter in the part number. See the table below. Steel trim components are standard unless otherwise noted in parts list.
* Letter Code
(Use as last letter of part number)
Disc Seal MaterialTemperature Rating
ANon-Asbestos (laminated)-20°F to +500°F [-29°C to 260°C]
TPTFE-20°F to +500°F [-29°C to 260°C]
VFKM (Type A)0°F to +400°F [-18°C to 204°C]
NOTE: Valves as listed above are standard with Non-Asbestos w/graphite packing and Non-Asbestos gasket. Change last letter in part number to designate altenate Disc Seal Material. Trim is steel unless otherwise noted in parts list.

Engineering Bulletins

EB-04-00: Important Notification for Rear Head Valves and Hot Product Valves

EB-02-24: Rear Head Valve Product Improvement and New Part Numbering Code Rollout