4″ Schedule 40 Elbows (90 Degree Short Radius)

Betts Schedule 40 cast weld elbows are designed for use on cargo tanks and satisfy a wide variety of piping needs. These elbows are manufactured in accordance with API recommended practice 1004 with a minimum burst pressure of 4 times the MAWP per 49CFR178.345-9(b). MAWP rating is for fitting only; final MAWP is dependent on weld quality during installation.

Product Details

Part No.MaterialWeight lb. [kg]A in. [mm]DR in. [mm]MAWP psi [bar]
C35928ALASTM B26 356F-Alum.2.06 [.93]4.00 [101.6]90°4.00 [101,6]175 [12.1]