4″ Manual Gate Valve (Replaceable O-ring Seat) – Grooved x Grooved

The Betts replaceable o-ring gate valve is an economical manually operated external stop valve that offers a double action hand wheel for efficient closure. The replaceable o-rings provide a leak tight seal and protect the disc from scratches due to metal-to-metal contact. The PTFE encapsulated o-rings and 316 stainless discs offer premium corrosion resistance and the adjustable packing nut with woven PTFE infused packing allows for easy stem adjustments. If a metal-to-metal seat valve is required, please see Betts line of metal-to-metal seat gate valves.

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly NumberDescriptionBody MaterialStem MaterialWt. lb. [kg]Fl. Dims. ODFl. Dims. BCFl. Dims. HolesDims. ADims. BDims. CDims. F
AAG2034Groove x GrooveAluminumAluminum5.5 [2.5]N/AN/AN/A14.25" [362 mm]13.12" [333 mm]6.38" [162 mm]6.00" [152 mm]
ASG2034Groove x GrooveAluminumStainless Steel5.9 [2.7]N/AN/AN/A14.25" [362 mm]13.12" [333 mm]6.38" [162 mm]6.00" [152 mm]
G2034Groove x GrooveSteelBrass11.3 [5.1]N/AN/AN/A14.25" [362 mm]13.12" [333 mm]6.38" [162 mm]6.00" [152 mm]
FG2034Groove x GrooveSteelSteel11.1 [5.1]N/AN/AN/A14.25" [362 mm]13.12" [333 mm]6.38" [162 mm]6.00" [152 mm]
SSG2034Groove x GrooveStainless SteelStainless Steel11.1 [5.1]N/AN/AN/A14.25" [362 mm]13.12" [333 mm]6.38" [162 mm]6.00" [152 mm]
Flange bolt pattern per TTMA recommendations and grooved outlets per MIL-C-10387B.
* Sump flange and other combinations available upon request.
** MAWP certified for new valves only. O-ring/disc damage or wear may reduce sealable MAWP.

Add suffix “J” to Part No. for heat tube version. (Heat tube MAWP = 150 psi)

Body MaterialValve MAWP**Min. Burst PressureTemp. Range
Aluminum50 psi [3.4 bar]200 psi [13.8 bar]-40°F to 212°F [-40°C to 100°C]
Steel50 psi [3.4 bar]200 psi [13.8 bar]-40°F to 400°F [-40°C to 204°C]
Stainless50 psi [3.4 bar]200 psi [13.8 bar]-40°F to 400°F [-40°C to 204°C]
NOTE: Valve should NEVER be heated with flame.

Repair Kits and Accessories

Teflon Accordion Packing

Additional Options

Add suffix “J” to Part No. for heat tube version. (Heat tube MAWP = 150 psi)

Engineering Bulletins

EB-1-15: Important Notification for Gate/Sliding Valves Used in Hot Service Application