4″ Grommet Mount Backup LED Lite Ranger™ with Flat Lens

The Betts’ 4” grommet offers a simple, care-free installation and is made from EPDM rubber which offers outstanding weathering properties including excellent ozone and sunlight resistance.  Grommets are available for both a 4.5- and 4.75-inch diameter mounting hole and is sold separately.  The Lite Ranger™ LED Lamp insert is a robust, fully sealed unit made from impact resistant polycarbonate plastic and is available in numerous configurations for any application.  The LED insert pushes into the installed grommet and provides a protruding lens design which greatly reduces snow, ice or debris build-up that is a familiar downside of the competition’s recessed style.  The 3-position Super-Seal™ socket offers a locking tab and securely mates with the wiring harness plug to create a weatherproof seal.  The Betts’ Grommet Mount is an ideal configuration to combine with a Tru-Fit™ Custom Lighting Kit to satisfy any requirement.

  • Designed to meet FMVSS 108 requirements (49CFR§571.108)
  • SAE DOT Lighting Code: R
  • Two backup lamps are required to meet compliance
  • Supports System Voltages of 12Vdc and 24Vdc
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Functional Voltage Range: 9Vdc to 32Vdc
  • Mounts via EPDM grommet (sold separately)
  • Covered by Betts’ 5-Year Limited Warranty

Other options such as 40 series, 45 series and 47 series styles are available.

Product Details

DescriptionConnector TypePowerCurrent
BW4FGM3SBackup – Clear flat lens
with no optics, 44 LED's, 12V/24V
SuperSeal™ 3-Position Socket6 Watts505 mA @12V

252 mA @24 V
BW4FGS3SBackup – Clear flat lens
with optics, single LED, 12V/24V
SuperSeal™ 3-Position Socket2.5 Watts210 mA @ 12V
104 mA @ 24V
28901EP4” Round Grommet that Fits
into a Ø4.50” Mounting Hole
29140EP4” Round Grommet that Fits
into a Ø4.75” Mounting Hole