3-Way Air Valve

Betts 3-way air valve is a pneumatic plunger-style distributor valve designed to be used in conjunction with the Compact Delta I Lubricated and Non-lubricated Operators. Its stout 1.25″ mounting boss with retaining nut and three 1/8″ NPT ports make it a versatile option for any situation in which an three-way valve is required. Aluminum and brass construction save on weight while providing strength and reliability, and fluorosilicone seals give the valve a large temperature range and resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. The valve is non-sparking and can be easily disassembled and repaired.

See Mechanical Delta 1 Compact Operator Lubricated Operators and Mechanical Delta 1 Compact Non-Lubricated Operators for Operator details.

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly No.Pressure RatingTemperature RatingAir FlowWeight
20761ALBN125 Psig (860 kPa)-40°F to 350°F (-40°C to 176°C)3.6 SCFM @ 90 psig (6.1 SCMH @ 620 kPa).60 LBS (.27 Kg)

Engineering Bulletins

EB-2-03: Cable Emergency Valve System Schematic