3″ Aluminum Adapters (Belled & Grooved Stubs)

Betts seamless adapters are designed for use on cargo tanks and satisfy a wide variety of piping needs. The belled and grooved adapters offer flexibility and versatility to accommodate even the most difficult fit-ups. With no weld seam, the adapter is clean and leak free.

Seamless fittings are manufactured in accordance with API recommended practice 1004 with a minimum burst pressure of 4 times the MAWP per 49CFR178.345-9(b).

Product Details

Part No.MaterialWeight lb. [kg]A in. [mm]O.D. in. [mm]Bell I.D. in. [mm]MAWP lb. [kg]
BG3AL6063 Aluminum.42 [.19]3.25 [82.6]3.50 [88.9]3.53 [89.7]200 [13.8]