3.5″ Push Vent

The Betts 3.5” Push Vent can be mounted to a 3” TTMA weld flange or 20″ offset manhole cover. It comes standard with a Teflon Encapsulated Silicone o-ring seat, and a built in flange for mounting Vapor Recovery Hood shown in Section 24. Part No. VR45784BU.

The 3.5″ push vent meets the requirements of US DOT 49CFR§178.345-5(f) and also meets the requirements of 49CFR§178.345-10(b)(3) with less than a liter leakage.

Threaded style p/n PV46066ALTS

An adapter to fit Wheaton’s Emergency valve is available. Please Specify No. 16963AL.

Part List

Product Details

Assembly NumberMaterialDimensionsMounting FlangeWt.
PV46063ALTSAluminum/Stainless with Tef/Sil SEATA: 6 9/16
B: 1 3/4
C: 7 3/4
Disc Travel: 1 1/2
B.C.: 4 7/8
N.H.: 8
S.H.: 3/8-16
For mounting gasket, see 3" size flange gasket in Section 40 of the Parts List.
For weld flange, see 3" size in Section 40 of the Parts List.
Note: Vent comes complete with adjustment bar, 2 hex jam nuts, and a 60" push rod.

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Emission Collection Hood

Engineering Bulletins

EB-2-03: Cable Emergency Valve System Schematic.