3.5″ Aluminum Pneumatic Vapor Valve Flanged Mount

The aluminum 3.5” (89mm) pneumatically actuated interlock vapor valve is designed as a positive vapor recovery valve for use on DOT cargo tanks with markings per US DOT 49CFR§178.345-5(f). The sequential interlock design allows vapor valve to be plumbed in series with loading or unloading valve. Air supply to “IN” port of vapor valve will only exit to “OUT” port after vapor valve has positively opened. If an interlock feature is not required, outlet port can be plugged and valve will function as a basic non-interlock vapor valve.

The vapor valve features exceptional flow with an inward opening disk and a tapered seat to ensure a tight seal and prevent loss of lading due to surge or roll-over accident. An aluminum body with FEP Teflon® main seal, fluorosilicone air cylinder seals, and stainless trim offers compatibility with a wide variety of products.**

A flanged mounting configuration is provided for mounting to a standard 20” offset manhole cover. The eight 3/8-16 bolts install from inside the tank for added security. Air connections are 1/8” NPT.

The vapor valve meets shell strength test of 73 psig (5.0 bar). Maximum operating pressure is defined as maximum tank pressure that valve can open against with given air-line pressure.

The maximum operating pressure of vapor valve is:
15 psi (1.0 bar) with 90 psi (6.2 bar) line pressure supplied. *
20 psi (1.4 bar) with 120 psi (8.3 bar) line pressure supplied.*

Part List

Product Details

Assembly NumberDescriptionMain Seat O-RingMounting GasketStem O-RingTemp. Range *Weight
AVF3.5ALTS3.5" Interlock Vapor ValveFEP Teflon®Cork/BunaFluorosilicone-50°F to +250°F [-45°C to 121°C]4.5 lbs. [2.0 kg]
AVF3.5ALVT3.5" Interlock Vapor ValveFKM-ACork/BunaFKM-A-15°F to +350°F [-26°C to 176°C]4.5 lbs. [2.0 kg]
AVF3.5ALVB3.5" Interlock Vapor ValveFKM-BFKM-BLTFKM-BLT-11°F to +350°F [-24°C to 176°C]4.5 lbs. [2.0 kg]
AVF3.5AYTSValve with black e-coated body and o-ring holderCork/BunaFKM-AFluorosilicone-50°F to +250°F [-45°C to 121°C]4.5 lbs. [2.0 kg]
AVF3.5AL**022Valve with stainless steel mounting boltsAs Specified by Part NumberAs Specified by Part NumberAs Specified by Part NumberO-Ring Material Dependent4.5 lbs. [2.0 kg]
Note: Fluorosilicone seals standard for air cylinder unless three digit number suffix added to part number designating alternate material. Optional 1.25" thick mounting riser available as part number 75126AL and stainless steel screen installed in outlet is available as a special.

* Values shown are test values. Actual values may vary due to service conditions.

** Last two letters of part number designate seal material.