1″ Tapered Seat Aluminum Emergency Valve – Manual – 90 Degree Elbow

The Betts 1” Water Drain Valve meets HM183 requirements for an internal self-closing stop valve and is ideal for use as a water drain/sampling valve.  The valve is manually operated with use of a pull cable and offers a 1” NPT male threaded inlet and ¾” NPT female threaded outlet. Additional models include BSP threads, 1″ NPT female threaded outlet, and pneumatic actuation.

The shear section is located above both the pull lever and push stem connection point which assists in providing a cleaner separation in the event of an under-carriage impact.  The valve meets the shear section requirements of 49CFR §178.345-8 and is tested per TTMA RP84.

The valve body and O-ring holder stem are constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum to maximize durability and corrosion resistance.  The valve push stem is 316 stainless steel and is supported by an oil impregnated bushing with FKM-B (Viton® B) standard seals for compatibility with a wide range of products and temperatures. The simplistic design allows for easy tear-down and maintenance.

Valve MAWP: 25 psi [1.7bar]
Minimum Bursting Pressure: 100 psi [6.9bar]

Parts List

Product Details

Assembly NumberDescriptionO-Ring MaterialTemperature RangeWeightFb-max per TTMA RP86
1” NPT Inlet x ¾” NPT Outlet
Cable Operated
(Viton® B)
–45°F to +380°F
[-43°C to +193°C]
.82 lbs
1427 lbs
[647 kg]

1in Water Drain Valve Dimensions

Installation & Maintenance

MM-EV005: Installation & Maintenance Manual 1″ Cable Operated Water Drain Valve

Engineering Bulletins

EB-02-03: Cable Emergency Valve System Schematic

EB-01-24: Design Enhancement to the Cable Pull Lever for 1” Water Drain Emergency Valve