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MC306 Outbreathing 3.0 psi Pressure Vent, PAV-125 (1.25″ NPT Threads)
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Spring loaded pressure relief vent designed to provide the pressure-actuated emergency venting as required by DOT MC-306, NFPA No. 385, and No. 407.  With 1.25″ NPT male threads, this model may be installed from the tank exterior in such devices as manhole covers or pipe caps. The PAV 125 has been flow tested and marked in accordance with DOT MC-306 Par. 178.341-4(e), NFPA 385 Par. 2263, and NFPA 407 Par. 616.

Part Number:
3350ALV – Aluminum with FKM seals
3350SSV – 316 Stainless Steel with FKM seals

Set Pressure:  3 psig

Rated Flow Capacity:
10,000 SCFH @ 5.0 psig

Aluminum weight:  .54 pounds
Stainless Weight:  .83 pounds

Prop 65 Chromium

Prop 65 Chromium

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