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Model PAF1000, Non-DOT Pressure Relief Device
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Not legal as replacement on MC306 cargo tanks after August 31, 1998

Pressure Relief Valve setting 3.0 psig.
Rated Pressure Actuated Emergency Venting:
180,000 cu. ft. free air per hour @ 5.0 psig.

The Tiona PAF1000 Pressure Relief Valve is designed to provide the pressure actuated venting required by DOT MC306 specification and NFPA No’s. 385 and 407. Per 49CFR180.405(h)(3), PAF1000 relief valves may not be installed on MC306 cargo tanks after August 31, 1998. However, PAF1000 relief valves installed on MC306 cargo tanks on or before August 31, 1998, may be repaired if required. PAF1000 relief valves may be used in non-specification service or in countries other than the United States where regulations permit.

10” pressure relief valve set to open at not less than 3 psig. At 5 psig, the PAF1000 is rated at 180,000 cubic feet of free air per hour. Tested and marked in accordance with DOT MC306 and NFPA No’s. 385 and 407.