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Inbreathing Vacuum Vent (1.625″ – 12 Threads)
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The 6234 is a single purpose in-breathing spring-loaded re-closing vacuum vent.  This vacuum vent is designed to be stand alone or used as a supplement to the normal vent to provide additional in-breathing capacity when required. This vent may be used by itself or in multiples according to requirements.

The vacuum vent meets requirements of 49CFR§178.345-10, 178.346-3(c)(2), and 178.346-3(d)(2) but is limited by the maximum unload rate of cargo tank.  As required by code “each vacuum relief system must have sufficient capacity to limit the vacuum to 1 psig”.  Venting capacity is marked on the vent and it must be verified that total vacuum capacity satisfies this requirement.

Note: While this vent does provide additional in-breathing capacity, it is recommended that positive opening vapor recovery vents, which open when the emergency valves open, be provided when discharging product when the manhole closed.

Vacuum Set: .25 psig (1.7 kPa) to .375 psig (2.6 kPa)
Vacuum Venting Capacity: 4,000 SCFH @ 1psig

Part Numbers:
6234AL – Aluminum body with FKM Type A seals
6234ALB – Aluminum body with Nitrile (Buna-N™) seals
6234ALFS – Aluminum body with fluorosilicone seals
6234ALP – Aluminum body with EPDM seals
6234ALTS – Aluminum body with FEP encapsulated silicone and PTFE seals

Note: Add suffix “277” to end of part number for vent with 30x30x.012 screen.