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Betts lives up to its legacy of doing what’s best by delivering unsurpassed customer service, industry leadership and innovative products that stand the test of time. The Customer Service, Sales and Engineering teams at Betts have the knowledge and tools to answer your questions and offer technical advice. Please direct warranty questions to Customer Service.

At Betts, customer collaboration is essential. Betts Sales Engineers regularly meet and confer with customers to introduce new items, evaluate product performance and determine needs for new products or enhancements to existing designs. Betts experts are available to conduct training sessions at customer locations when requested-helping them seamlessly integrate Betts products into their own.


1800 Pennsylvania Avenue West
P.O. Box 888
Warren, Pennsylvania 16365-0888

Office Hours:

7:45 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
(EST) Monday – Friday

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