Qualified Valve Rebuilder


Betts Industries’ only Qualified Rework Manufacturer

Betts Industries is pleased to recognize J‐Tech as their only qualified rework manufacturer. J‐Tech possesses the skills required to effectively do rework on Betts’ chemical hydraulic valve discs, actuators and valve body seats. J‐Tech has worked closely with Betts for 25(+) years. These products are intricate and thus require skilled machining and a knowledge of the applications to ensure continued quality performance.

Please be aware that machine shops in the gulf coast region are re‐machining, welding & fabricating various chemical hydraulic valve discs, drums and valve body seats but are NOT Betts authorized rebuilders nor are they associated with J‐Tech. If your rebuild tag does not look like the one shown here there is a possibility that this was not an authorized build. Please contact your distributor or J‐Tech for verification.