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Pneumatically Actuated Ecliptic Valve
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The Betts Pneumatically Operated Ecliptic Valve is a quarter turn in-line stop valve that satisfies the requirements of external self-closing stop valve when equipped with a spring closed actuator.  The valve does NOT contain a shear section; therefore, the cargo tank must provide suitable accident damage protection when required.  The exposed components of the valve are constructed of 316L stainless steel and the seals are PTFE encapsulated silicone for compatibility with a wide variety of products.  The actuator is e-coated aluminum with a robust fiberglass cylinder and features a visual indicator that clearly shows the orientation of the valve disc.  The actuator is available in styles such as:

  • Air-open/Spring-close
  • Air-open/Air-close

Bolt pattern matches TTMA piping flange dimensions.

Installation: The Ecliptic Valve may be mounted in any position.  It is recommended to use Betts flanges and adapters shown in Section 20, Page 5A.

Prop 65 Chromium

Prop 65 Chromium