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About Us

Betts Industries 100th Anniversary BookletBetts’ commitment to always do what’s best has positioned it as an industry-leading manufacturer of critical components and lighting systems for the tank truck industry, worldwide. Betts has led the way with innovation and expertise in designing and producing a range of valves, manlids, pressure/vacuum relief valves, accessories and lighting systems for multiple liquid tank, dry bulk, and industrial applications. Founded in 1901, our 100+ year history, steeped in family ownership and community values, has built a legacy and reputation for fair, honest business practices and genuine customer relationships. It’s our mission to strive each day to “Do What’s Best “—to live up to this legacy of unsurpassed customer service, industry leadership and innovative products that stand the test of time.

A Guiding Principle

“Do What’s Best”

It’s the three words of advice reserved for when things really matter.  A universal reminder to us all to never settle, always strive and always be true to ourselves and our principles. A personal challenge that proves our character even in the face of adversity and trial.  Holding nothing back, we strive for excellence in all we do – and especially in the relationships we forge with our families, our employees and our loyal customers.  But in doing what’s best, we find greater reward that stands the test of time.  It’s the path that has guided strong families for generations – generations of loyal customer relationships. It’s what fills us each day with clarity, purpose and intent – to always, always do what’s best.

Betts’ Core Values

These are the top five core elements that define who Betts is as a company:

  1. A family legacy of caring that extends from our employees to our customers, distributors, community and industry. At Betts, it’s personal.
  2. Dedication to manufacturing products and solutions that lead the industry in quality, innovation, state-of-the-art technology and safety.
  3. Century-long history, marked by an unwillingness to accept “good enough,” and our drive to find the simplest, most intelligent solution. If it can be done, we will design, develop and build it.
  4. Commitment to fairness in all we do, from pricing to relationships.
  5. Leadership and culture as the confident choice for our employees, our community, our customers and our industry.

Corporate Headquarters

Betts Industries 2014

Our corporate headquarters are located in Warren, Pennsylvania. The facility that was established in 1901 has seen seven major expansions, growing to occupy 275,371 square feet on more than 15 acres of land.

This main facility houses our manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, and sales departments, along with other business functions.

Lamp Division

Betts Lamp Division

Also located in Warren, Pennsylvania, this facility houses the manufacturing operations for our lighting division, which includes safety lamps, lighting systems, and accessories for the trucking industry. Betts’ Lamp Plant was built in 1956 and has seen four expansions.