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Vapor-Pro™ 2″ Stainless Steel Hydraulic Vapor Recovery Valve
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The Betts 2” Stainless Steel Hydraulic Vapor Recovery Valve is a versatile and robust positive opening vapor valve used to facilitate the transfer of displaced air/vapor during loading and unloading. 316L stainless steel construction and PTFE seals make this valve suitable for use with a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals transported in DOT 407 and 412 cargo tanks.


The enhanced body design offers best-in-class flow rates and is available in both a single or dual outlet configuration.  The swivel connection mounts to a 3” NPT nozzle and the 2” NPT outlets include sacrificial shear grooves.  Two mounting heights are available to accommodate various tank piping configurations.  The dual outlet, high profile CHR2H2SSTS satisfies all requirements of TTMA RP 102.


The hydraulic actuator is easily detachable for quick cleaning or replacement without the need to remove the entire valve from the tank.  The hydraulic system is compatible with a wide range of fluids and is isolated from the tank’s lading to protect from possible contamination.  The red anodized aluminum piston/indicator provides a positive visual signal to identify the valve’s open/closed state and a patent pending extension flag, part number 29209SS, is an option for greater visibility of valve actuation from the ground.  The 2” Stainless Steel Vapor Recovery Valve is designed to fully open with as low as 200 psi [13.8 bar] hydraulic line pressure; therefore, when plumbed in conjunction with Betts’ chemical hydraulic valves, the vapor valve will be fully open prior to the actuation of the loading/unloading valve.  The vapor valve can be secured for tamper resistance by lacing a seal cable through the holes provided in the top cap, swivel nut tabs and fixed seal tabs on the cargo tank.

Valve MAWP: 50 psi [3.4 bar]

Minimum bursting pressure: 200 psi [13.8 bar]

Working temperature range: -40°F to 400°F [-40°C to 204°C]

Hydraulic line pressure: Minimum 200 psi [13.8 bar]

Maximum 3,500 psi [241 bar] *

Hydraulic volume to fully open valve: 2.38 in3 [39 ml]

Thru Area:              3.14 in2

Outlet thread:        2” NPT

Mounting thread:  3” NPT (Note: Valve seals on nozzle face. Face of nozzle must be flat and free of damage.)


Prop 65 Chromium

Betts prides itself in being able to provide products that meet a customer’s specific needs. As a result we do offer modifications to our product standards. While not every request is always feasible, we do our best to meet your specific needs. In many cases this modification is noted by adding a suffix to the end of the standard part number.  The following is a non-inclusive list of common options that are available for this product line .  If the options listed below do not meet your requirements please contact one of Betts’ Customer Service Representatives for further assistance. Please note that some product modifications may result in extended lead times.

Commonly Requested Options:

Prop 65 Chromium

For additional information on Betts products and Proposition 65 list please see: https://www.bettsind.com/proposition-65/

Vapor-Pro Spec Sheet