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16″ Inspection Manhole with 10″ Fill
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NOTE: Not legal for DOT specification cargo tanks.

The 16” Manhole is fabricated for lighter weight and greater strength. The advanced design has low silhouette and clean lines. Fill gasket will not pull out; is easily replaced. To compensate for wear, tension on fill cover is easily adjusted by adding shim washers. Hinge pins welded in place to prevent removal. Adequate means provided for use of seal wire. One outside clamping ring provides means for attaching cover to collar. Cover may be oriented throughout 360°. Secondary Latch is standard on all assemblies.

FVA prefix includes 6238AL normal vent
SPA prefix includes 3006AL vac. vent.
SPS prefix includes 3006SS vac. vent.
SVS prefix includes 6022SS breather vent.
VPA prefix includes Vent Plug Aluminum.
VPB prefix includes Vent Plug Zinc Plt. Steel.
VPD prefix includes Vent Plug 316 Stainless.